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Records and results

Records and results

ACCCO awards two Nationally Recognised Testamurs

Qualification -

A qualification is a formal testamur that is awarded to a student who successfully completes the full requirements of the qualification in which they are enrolled. Qualifications are awarded with an Academic Transcript/Record of Results on the back of the Qualification if the course has been completed. Qualifications are individually coded with the unique identifier number, have an embossed ACCCO logo and display the Nationally Recognised Training logo.

Statement of Attainment -

'A Statement of Attainment will be awarded if units towards a qualification have been completed, but the full qualification is not yet complete. Statement of Attainments are individually coded with the unique identifier number.

In alignment to the ASQA Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, qualifications and Statement of Attainments are issued by ACCCO within 30 calendar days of a student being assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product if the training program in which the learner is enrolled is complete, and providing all agreed fees the learner owes to the RTO have been paid. Timeframes for issuing qualifications/Statement of Attainments may vary pending contractual requirements under funded training contracts. For example: under a Smart and Skilled contract, ACCCO is required to issue a Statement of Attainment (partial completion of a qualification) within 21 days of notification of a discontinuation of enrolment.

Please note: All other documents issued or completed by ACCCO staff (including study plans, training record books or similar) are for internal record keeping purposes only. Employers, regulatory agencies and industry agencies may use these for indicative purposes only. Only Qualifications and Statements of Attainment should be considered as evidence of completion of a nationally recognised qualification.

Validity of QualifIcations or Statement of Attainments

ACCCO provides a qualification validation service to prevent the forgery of Qualifications. Under this scheme, if a person provides the details of an already issued ACCCO qualification including the name on the qualification, the person listed on the qualification, the date it was issued and unique identifier number, ACCCO will provide a 'yes' or 'no' answer to confirm the validity of the qualification.

All qualifications issued by ACCCO contain a unique barcode that can be scanned via any QR Scanner application, which will enable you to commence the verification process.

If you are concerned about the validity or accuracy of an ACCCO testamur, please contact us directly:

Eligibility for QualfIcations

  • To receive a full Qualification, a student must successfully complete all qualification requirements (Core and Elective units).
  • To receive a Statement of Attainment, a student must be assessed as competent in one or more units of competency within a qualification.
Where students require a reissue of a qualification for any reason, fees may apply as outlined in our Student Handbook and Fees and Refunds Policy.

Grading System

Upon successful completion of an assessment task, a Trainer Assessor will award an outcome of "Satisfactory". All assessment tasks within a unit must be deemed ‘Satisfactory’ for the student to be eligible for an award of Competent.

The following results are awarded for units and are listed on 'Academic Transcripts', 'Statement of Attainments' or the back of ACCCO qualifications.

  • Competent: This unit has been assessed and has been successfully completed
  • Credit Transfer: The student has previously completed studies equivalent to the unit and has been awarded a credit for their previous study with an equivalent unit.

If any further information is required, please contact ACCCO.

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