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Australian Child Care Career Options

Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO) is a successful, industry recommended and well-established Registered Training Organisation providing qualifications in:

  • Early Childhood Education and Care;
  • School Age Education and Care;
  • Education Support; and
  • First Aid.

ACCCO's principal aim is the provision of quality education, with particular emphasis on meeting the practical requirements of the Education Industry. We pride ourselves on our dedication and personalised attention towards our students, making sure of regular contact and supervision.

Our Vision Statement at ACCCO

We are committed to quality education through professional training.


All of ACCCO's qualifications lead our graduates to educate others - from early childhood to adults.
By keeping our core training in Education, we remain focused on the needs of our students and the Industry. Our graduates are Educators of the future, with the right skills, knowledge and practical training to do their job well.

contemporary, quality QualifIcations!

By keeping our core business as 'education of others' we are able to focus on the needs of the students, employers and the industry.

Early Childhood & CAre

Now available... Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management

School Age Education & Care

Now available... Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management

Also available... Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management

First Aid

Completing a first aid course is a requiremement of qualifications in early childhood, school age care and education support.

International Students

International qualiFIcations


What Do Students Say About ACCCO?


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  • Sandy was assigned as my trainer for my Certificate III in Education Support.  I cannot express to you enough the difference Sandy made to my studies.  Sandy was always available to assist, marked assignments in record time and followed up on observation visits regularly.  She answered queries promptly and with detail.  She really made me feel as if nothing was too much trouble.  It was lovely to have her come out and observe me.  She always provided lots of information and was more than willing to share her knowledge with me and assist in any questions I had to in regards to assessments.  She made me feel excited about studying again and I truly believe that she shared in the excitement.  If not for Sandy, I really cannot say if I would have finished or not.  Sandy made the whole process run so smoothly and I cannot thank her enough for all of her support and encouragement. Because of Sandy not only would I recommend ACCCO to future students, but I may even continue my studies in Cert IV.

    I just wanted you to know that you really did make an outstanding business decision in employing her.  Not only is she an extremely capable trainer but an amazingly supportive and encouraging person.

    Kelly, QLD

    Kelly, student from QLD
  • ACCCO is a lovely place to be to further your studies relating to the childcare industry.  I enrolled in a diploma course in early childhood and I’m enjoying every second of it. From the helpful and friendly support staff to the lovely and dedicated trainers who are always there to help my classmates and I out in any areas that we may need help.

    Once settled into the class environment, I go to meet new friends from the different continents of the world. All of them are very friendly and helpful individuals. I have no regrets leaving home, family and friends and coming here to do this course.
    ACCCO is the place to be!

    Yolanda, Malaysia.
    December 2016

    Yolanda, International student from Malaysia
  • I strongly recommend ACCCO for international students.  I’ve had a very positive experience studying here because I was treated as an Individual.  The class is smaller so you get lots of opportunity to talk, share ideas with other students and with the teacher.

    I also feel that this school has more to offer because it is specialised in child care, unlike other institutions. I couldn’t be happier about the change I made and I would like to recommend ACCCO to other people.

    Carla, Brazil.
    December 2016

    Carla, International Student from Brazil
  • ACCCO has provided me with a great experience while studying my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. From the first moment I met my trainer, she made me feel so comfortable and more confident entering the field. She offered me a lot of support throughout my assessments and also shared her knowledge and ideas in relation to childcare. I loved how she showed me her resources that she made herself. It really made me more confident that i can do my placement and also encourage me to come up with my own creative ideas.

    ACCCO did offer more support at head office from reading the materials at the start of the course but i did not use it at any point because I had a highly knowledgeable supportive trainer with me. I am so glad Melinda was my trainer. Her passion just shows and motivates me to work through everything. Overall my experience with ACCCO was beyond exceptional. I have been recommending it to all my friends who are considering studying in childcare because it really is worth it.

    Rudo Juliet Mango: Western Australia
    December 2016

    Rudo Juliet Mango, Student from WA
  • After researching colleges on the internet, I discovered that ACCCO had a good reputation.  They were a local training organisation that offered good service and had been in the industry for 20 years.  The reason I chose to study the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care is because I want to set up my own family day care business.

    I love classes at ACCCO as they are engaging and I enjoy studying with my trainer.  The training is thorough and diverse and opens my eyes to different aspects of the job.

    I love classes at ACCCO!
  • This testimonial is merely a snapshot of the quality of service that ACCCO has provided to me as a student and future licensee.  I would not hesitate to recommend ACCCO to anyone.  Knowledge is power and given the changing and uncertain times in which we now live, I believe all child care licensees without qualifications in the child care industry would benefit greatly from being educated and informed through this course, as I have been.  I will also have the additional benefit of being a fully qualified back-up staff member in our centre.

    MM, Licensee, Gold Coast​
  • As a child care director I encourage all my staff to study to get their qualifications in child care and give them opportunities to do traineeships.  I have used several different training organisations and cannot recommend ACCCO more highly.  They are professional, personal, helpful and consistent in all they do.  I can see the difference in my staff who have studied through ACCCO to those who studied with other training organisation.  There is definitely a higher quality of work as ACCCO are very supportive and consistently there for the students.  As a director it is great to see your staff supported while they juggle study and work.  I would not hesitate to recommend ACCCO to you.

    ​CP, Director, Adelaide​​
  • I have always found the (ACCCO Staff) to be knowledgeable and well informed and they have provided excellent training and support to their students. ACCCO staff unfailingly demonstrate dedication and professionalism. The content of the courses cover all necessary areas to ensure staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully do their jobs. The regular visits on site have been a major assistance as it has helped keep the students focused and on track with their studies.

    ​​HW, Director, Brisbane​​

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