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School based programs (VETiS)

Students are able to undertake ACCCO courses while they are still in school through the VETiS program. 

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) is a learning pathway which enables students to gain a nationally recognised qualification as part of their school studies, delivered by a qualified school teacher or Trainer Assessor in partnership with ACCCO.  

VETiS qualifications can be undertaken in years 10, 11 and 12, and can count towards their Senior Certificate of Education. Australian Child Care Career Options is a Pre-Qualified Supplier under this program for the delivery of the following Qualifications:

Schools are enjoying the relationship with ACCCO who maintains the consistency of training, assessment and provides ongoing support. The most positive feedback is out in the field with Early Childhood Services noticing an improvement in the quality of training by the Schools who have partnered with ACCCO.

ACCCO has been successfully partnering and delivering VET with schools nationally since 2001.

 undertake A course while you are still in school through our VET in Schools program.

Training delivered at School 

Many schools have partnered with ACCCO with their teachers receiving specialised training to deliver vocational qualifications in school. Students can study a Certificate III qualification over Years 11 and 12 as part of their senior school studies in partnership with ACCCO.

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School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Becoming a school-based apprentice or trainee will give you the opportunity to earn money while you’re still at school. It combines paid employment, on or off-the-job vocational training and senior secondary school studies.

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Training delivered at ACCCO campus 

We have some of the best training facilities that will help you to learn more easily in a fun, stimulating and interactive environment. All training is delivered in an adult learning environment so you’ll get to experience what it’s like to study in a higher education setting.

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