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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about studying with ACCCO

Who are the Trainer Assessors?

ACCCO only employs knowledgeable, skilled and experienced Trainers and Assessors. As a minimum, they will have:

  • Vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed;
  • Current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment provided; and
  • Current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment

ACCCO requires for their Trainer Assessors to maintain current industry skills. For you, this means your training and assessment is delivered by people who are themselves competent, contemporary, quality practitioners. ACCCO ensures that Trainer Assessors are regularly exposed to industry workplaces through participation in workplace tasks via a Return To Industry scheme.

Additionally, ACCCO encourages all Trainer Assessors to undertake ongoing professional development in both Vocational Education and the relevant subject matter industry. ACCCO requires that Vocational Competency is maintained by the Trainer Assessors as per the Vocational Competence Requirement

What are my study options? 

Each student is allocated with their own personal Trainer Assessor who will support you in meeting your goal of completing the qualification.

  • External Study: Students enjoy regular contact with their Trainer Assessor who works at an individual level, visiting them in their workplace every month, to progress them through the course. No need to attend class! We will provide you with a Learning Guide with all the information you need to know. For most units, you will need access to the internet for research purposes and to access the relevant documents found free online. Click here for more information
  • Classroom Study: Our trainers will teach you in class every step of the way. All learning materials will be supplied. Many ACCCO students choose to study on campus to take advantage of our highly knowledgeable Trainers and the opportunity to learn from other students. You can study one, a few or all of your units through classroom study. Class timetables subject to numbersClick here for more information
  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships: They combine training and paid employment, leading to skills and qualifications that are recognised across Australia and by other employers in the industry. Training will be provided at the workplace by both the Employer and the ACCCO Trainer Assessor through an individualised training plan to reflect skills required in this job. Click here for more information
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): No training is provided. This is because you already have identified you have all the knowledge and skills for the unit. A student is required to collate and coordinate evidence to show they have sufficient, valid and current knowledge and skills equivalent to the qualification they are enrolled in. Click here for more information

I have already completed study that is relevant. Can I recognised for this?

Yes! If you have already completed the equivalent unit required for your qualification, then you don't have to do this again. Click here for more information.

Can I apply for RPL?

Definitely. If you have industry experience there may be some units that you could apply for RPL for. We also have a quick self-evaluation tool on our website that highlights what you could achieve with your past work and study experiences. More information can be found ;

I'm not working in education. Can I still do the qualification?

Definitely. We will support you to find a workplace that can take you as a volunteer to complete the qualification requirements. Your qualification will need you to regularly attend the workplace to complete tasks. You may have to take that into consideration before deciding to enrol.

How do I know if I'm working in an approved workplace?

Approved workplaces are defined by the qualification and units to be completed. This includes:

  • Early Childhood qualifications: an ACECQA approved service with children aged 0-5
  • School Aged care qualifications: an ACECQA approved service with children attending school
  • Education Support qualifications: a regulated school

Each workplace must have a supervisor present who holds a qualification equal to or higher than the student who is willing to support the student's learning.

How long will the qualification take?

On average, attending classes means you will finish the qualification earlier. On average, a Certificate III will take around 6 months and a Diploma will take around a year. If you are studying externally, then usually this takes longer, however it does depend on the amount of time you can dedicate to study and remain committed. On average, we find students who are working and studying can finish one unit per month. If you are not working and can spend more time studying, then this time is reduced considerably.

What support is provided if I need help?

You will be allocated an ACCCO Trainer who will be able to assist you at any stage of your qualification. Your Trainer will provide you with their contact details (phone and email) if you need any help and will visit you regularly in your approved workplace. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have as well. If you are attending classes, your questions can be answered immediately. Support services are available for students with any aspect of your personal or academic life. ACCCO offers caring and confidential assistance to all students and can assist with directing students to the appropriate channels.

ACCCO has an ‘Academic Hotline’ where a learner is able to call or email to speak to a qualified person to seek assistance with their studies and/or assessments, during business hours. This academic service is to ensure the learner’s progression is supported with minimal delay or disruption as possible.

You can seek academic assistance through our Academic Hotline by:

  • Sending an enquiry throughout our website online chat service;
  • By sending us an email through Facebook; or
  • By phoning 1300 139 406

What about the delivery of training? How is that completed?

Each student is allocated with their own personal Trainer Assessor who will support you in meeting your goal of completing the qualification.

What about assessment? How is that completed?

Each unit has assessment tasks which need to be completed. However, if you understood the learning presented in the unit, these assessment items should not be difficult. Some assessment tasks are completed at an approved workplace, while others you complete at a time and place convenient to you.

This qualification is assessed:

  • In theory, through written tasks such as case studies, questions, activities and/or workplace projects.
  • In practice, through placement or employment in an ACECQA approved early childhood service by completing workplace tasks and projects.

Do I have to complete tasks in a workplace/on placement?

Yes, all qualifications have a practical assessment component. All students need to be employed or volunteering in an approved workplace to complete the practical components of the qualification. If you are employed in an approved workplace, then this assessment can be completed as a part of your work day. If you are not employed in an approved workplace, then you will need to complete Vocational Placement (volunteer) to complete these requirements.

Do I qualify for enrolment?

Each qualification has entry requirements which usually involve a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) indicator. Please consult the information on specific qualification for these details. Students are required to complete an application form provided by ACCCO. All aspects of social justice will be adhered to when admitting students.

I'm required to give proof that I'm enrolled to my workplace. How do I provide this?

When you enrol, we will confirm your enrolment by providing you with a letter. You do not have to request this, rather it will be sent to you when your enrolment is confirmed. If you have been studying for some time, then the original letter and your current study plan or training plan signed by our Trainers upon completion of the unit is usually sufficient. If this is not sufficient, contact ACCCO administration.

I haven't done any work for quite some time but I want to get started again. What do I do?

Quite often you will have to re-enrol. This means you fill in another enrolment form (so we have your current details) and pay a re-enrolment fee. Once this is done, you can begin to study again.

I've been studying at another college/TAFE but want to change to ACCCO. Can I do this?

Yes! Provide us with a certified transcript of what you have completed with the other college/TAFE and we'll give you credit for these units. You can then complete the rest of your units for your qualification with ACCCO.

Do I need any form of criminal check to work with children?

Yes. To work with children, legislation requires you to undergo a police/criminal check before working with children. If you have any criminal convictions, you should check prior to enrolling whether you are eligible for employment. Students cannot complete a qualification without this check as they will not be able to enter a workplace to complete the practical requirements of the qualification.

    How much does the qualification cost?

    Each qualification is slightly different and varies in length. There are a range of government funding options available for specific qualifications which may reduce the total cost of the qualification for eligible persons. Funding varies between State / Territories so please check here for eligibility requirements for what is available in your area. 

    I can't afford to pay the qualification up front. Can I pay as I go?

    Definitely. ACCCO has following payment schemes available to help you pay for your qualification. This includes:

    • Pay as you go: pay for each unit before you receive it, by credit card payment over the phone
    • Payment plans: Weekly, Fortnightly and monthly payments until the course fees are paid in full. 

    Please contact our enrolments team on 1300 139 406 to discuss payment options applicable to you.

    Do you have a question you can't find an answer to?

    For general enquiries, feel free to contact ACCCO with a question, you can do so via Facebook, website, email or by calling our friendly customer service team on 1300 139 406.

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