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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Everyone's journey is different, and sometimes you need some extra support.  

ACCCO Academic Hotline

ACCCO is committed to ensuring students have ongoing access to resources that will best equip them for success during their enrolment with ACCCO and beyond. Our Trainer Assessors are visiting students every day in the workplace which means that there may be times when they are unable to immediately respond to a learner’s call for assistance. For this reason, ACCCO has an ‘Academic Hotline’ where a learner is able to call or email to speak to a qualified person to seek assistance with their studies and/or assessments, during business hours. This academic service is to ensure the learner’s progression is supported with minimal delay or disruption as possible.  

You can seek academic assistance through our Academic Hotline by:

  • Sending an enquiry throughout our website online chat service;
  • By sending us an email through Facebook; or
  • By phoning 1300 139 406

ACCCO prides itself on providing individual support to students. Our support services are available for all of our students, making your learning experience just that little bit easier. Each student is allocated with their own personal Trainer who guides them through their qualification. In addition to this, ACCCO actively seeks new information to keep students up to date with current industry requirements and provides this information to students on a regular basis through one-on-one training and via our website.

We will support you through your studies and we will provide you with quality training to support your career ambitions. We understand your requirements, we understand what employers are looking for and we work directly with the industry to provide you with the most current and relevant training.


For class students, orientation at ACCCO is held in the week prior to commencement of each session. Activities last a few hours and are designed to engage students through academic and social activities, and individualised attention. The student support staff work to understand the specific needs of their students, to help them settle into their new environment, learn to study effectively.

For students studying externally, a dedicated Trainer will contact the student prior to commencing study to discuss their study plan, personal needs, learning styles and commitments. Students enjoy regular contact with their Trainer who works at an individual level, visiting them every 4 weeks, to progress them through the course.

Student Services

Enquiries about enrolment, student ID cards, timetables, course guides or grades are managed by the Student Support Team.Please call head office on 1300 139 406 and one of our team members would be more than happy to have a discussion.

Study Support Days

ACCCO offers study support days for both classroom and external students. The study support day will focus on a particular unit which students have identified as challenging. These sessions are open to all ACCCO students regardless of your chosen study method. If you are struggling with progression or require additional support, you can book into one of our upcoming study sessions. Session times are between 9.30am - 3.30pm.

Students must book in to one of the study days before attending.


Study dates are focused around a particular unit that students have identified as challenging or require additional support on.

  • Wednesday 17th February – (CHCPRP003)
  • Wednesday 17th March – (CHCLEG001)
  • Wednesday 14th April – (CHCECE009)
  • Wednesday 19th May – (CHCMGT003)
  • Wednesday 16th June - (CHCPOL002)

Adelaide CAMPUS

    Students can attend study support sessions to seek support on any units they are currently studying which they have identified as challenging or require additional support on.

    Students can also attend to seek support on other units they are currently studying.

    Send us an email or give us a call at head office on 1300 139 406 and one of our team members would be more than happy to book you into one of our upcoming study support sessions.

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