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International Conversion

International Qualification Bridging Program

ACCCO offers an International Qualification Bridging Program which supports those holding a qualification acheived overseas to:

  • be awarded an Australian equivalent qualification; and/or
  • use their international qualification as a prerequisite for higher levels of study.

What International Qualifications are recognised?

To identify if your International Qualification is recognised, you will need to go through the procedure to have your qualification recognised by ACECQA. This procedure can be found here:

To apply for the IQCP, you will need to return the document of recognition from ACECQA and validate you have the language, literacy and numeracy skills required to compelte the level of qualification you are applying for.

What ACCCO qualification can I apply for?

ACECQA will provide you with a letter outlining the level of qualification level. This will indicate the level of qualification you can apply for under the ICQP, and also what qualification you can apply for as a result of completing the ICQP. This is as follows...

Level of Qualification as determined by ACECQA The ICQP can be used to achieve: Completion of the ICQP can allow enrolment in:
Early childhood teacher Advanced Diploma of Children's Services * N/A
Diploma level educator Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education and Care) *
Diploma of Children's Services (Outside School Hours Care) *
Advanced Diploma of Children's Services *
Certificate III level educator Certificate III in Children's Services Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)
Diploma of Children's Services (Outside School Hours Care)

* These qualifications have pre-requisite requirements which must be met prior to entering into this level. Please click on the qualification link to determine these requirements.

What is involved in the International Qualification Bridging Program?

ACCCO accepts the level of Qualification awarded by ACECQA as a foundation for supporting your competencies against the Australian qualification. That is, you already hold the level of skills and knowledge for working in a range of areas relating to children.

ACCCO also recognises that no international qualification will provide competency in Australian Legislation and standards. For example, there will be no previous learning in areas relating to:

  • Children's Services legislation and requirements: National Quality Standards; National Quality Framework; National Law; National Regulations
  • Other applicable legisiation relating to working with children: Work health and safety; Child Protection; Family law applicable to children's services

As a result of the above, the ICBP will be completed as follows:

  • completion of units relating to Australian legislation
  • competency conversation relating to remainin units involving working with children and others
  • third party assessment (supervisor reports)
  • observation of workplace practice by an assessor

Is an Australian Qualfication required to work in Australia or hold my job?

No, ACECQA will determine what position you may be eligible to work in after completeing their assessment.

The ICBP may be completed for those interested in holding an Australian equivalent for their own personal interest, or those applying for higher level qualifications only.

Want more information?

For more information relating to the ICBP, please contact ACCCO on 1300 139 406 or

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