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Graduation Ceremonies

A graduation is an important milestone for each student, celebrating successful academic goals achieved through commitment, dedication and hard work.

Attending graduation is one of the most exciting parts of obtaining your qualification. Graduation is a formal event, and an important part of recognising your academic progress. ACCCO outstanding students awards of Excellence are awarded and the ACCCO Trainer Assessors along with the CEO speak on behalf of the graduating cohort. As a public acknowledgement of your achievement, you will celebrate surrounded and supported by fellow graduates, friends, family and the ACCCO community.

ACCCO has annual graduation ceremonies to celebrate students completing their qualifications. Students eligible for attendance in the graduation ceremony will receive an invitation in the mail.

Eligibility to Graduate

All eligible students will receive an email invitation with full details of the date and time of their ceremony six to eight weeks prior to the ceremony. The invitation contains instructions on how to finalise your registration (you must have pre-registered) to attend graduation and purchase guest tickets.

Ceremonies Location

Most ceremonies are held on ACCCO campus. 

Graduation Costs & Ticketing

The cost to attend a graduation ceremony includes gown hire and the graduation reception. The graduation attendance fee does not include any photography packages. Attendance is free for children under 6 years of age.

For all enquiries about the graduation ceremony including to notify us that you didn't receive an invitation, to advise us of a change of address to send your invitation to, or to ask any other questions, please contact ACCCO

Photos from Past Graduation Ceremonies

Brisbane November 2016

Brisbane November 2015

Adelaide November 2016 

Brisbane November 2017

Adelaide November 2017

Sydney November 2017,
Little Learning School
graduation ceremony 


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