Studying from home - External/Distance Study

Do you prefer a course where you can study at a time and place convenient to you? Then our external courses may be of interest to you.

External delivery allows you to study whenever and wherever you choose. It is perfect for people who are working during the day and want to study around other commitments such as a work roster, and it is also good for people with families who want to work around their family commitments.

Even though you are studying from home, you are given all the help and support needed. An ACCCO trainer is allocated to you who will support you in meeting your goal of completing the qualification through regular contact, email and phone support as needed.

With External study, you are sent a learning guide with all the information required to complete the unit. You read through the learning guide and complete self guided activities, before completing assessment tasks.

External students all need to be employed or volunteering in an approved workplace to complete the practical components of the course. The ACCCO Trainer may be able to support you to arrange this placement if you don't already have one*. The trainer also arranges to see you in this setting on a regular basis to support practical work as well.

For more information, contact ACCCO

*ACCCO does not provide support for obtaining employment.