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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

Sometimes known as advanced standing, is awarded when a student has completed the units required for a qualification at another Registered Training Organisation.

ACCCO provides credit transfer free of charge. Credit Transfer is only awarded to units of competency that have been deemed by the Training Package as having 'equivalent competency outcomes'.

ACCCO does not require a student to repeat any unit or module in which they have previously been assessed as competent, unless a regulatory requirement or license condition requires this. Where a student provides suitable evidence of having successfully completed a unit or module at another Registered Training Organisation, ACCCO will award a Credit Transfer.  Prior to awarding a credit transfer on the basis of a qualification, statement of attainment or record of results, ACCCO authenticates the evidence provided by the student via the USI online portal or by contacting the issuing training provider.

Full Credit Transfer

For a full credit transfer, ACCCO recognises the following documentation:

  • A Qualification issued under the Australian Qualification Framework including the following details: name, code and logo of issuing body, name
    of person receiving the qualification; nomenclature as in the Framework; date issued; authorised signatory.
  • A Statement of Attainment or formal Award Element List issued under Australian Qualfication Framework including the following details: name of the person who achieved the competencies; date issued; national code and name for each unit of competency achieved, the Nationally Recognised Training logo.

To apply for credit, simply submit a certified copy of the above document at the time of enrolment and tick the box that says 'Do you want to apply for credit?" on the enrolment form. If you would like more information about these acceptable documents, please contact the "Australian Qualification Framework requirements".

Documents generally not recognised for credit transfer include:

  • Statement of Participation
  • Statement of Attendance
  • Statement of Completion
  • Exam Results
  • Enrolment statement
  • Student Assessment Record
  • Unit enrolment record
  • Progress results
  • Workshop participation
  • Participation in Training
  • School Certificate
  • Academic Transcript
  • Study plan
  • Training record
  • Cover sheet or documents relating to assessments completed
  • Qualifications for non-Accredited or recognised study eg. a nanny or babysitting course.
  • Overseas qualifications, transcripts or statements

For all non-recognised documents, ACCCO will provide a means for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to ensure any competencies already achieved can be recognised.

Partial Recognition

ACCCO may also award partial recognition for similar (superseded) units studied under previous training packages providing they are recorded under Qualifications or Statements of Attainments meeting the requirements listed above. In this situation, ACCCO offers a Bridging Assessment or 'Gap Assessment' to cover the gaps in competency not achieved in the previously recognised study.

Awarding of Credits

Credits will appear on the Study Plan and Training Progress Record, or on the Training Plan issued for the individual students. These credits will be formally recognised at the completion of the qualification and will appear as credits on the Record of Results.

There is no cost for a unit deemed eligible for a Credit Transfer.

Credit Transfer Procedure

Click of the link to read more about the Credit Transfer procedure.

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