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Certified Documents

Certified Documents

As a part of enrolment, ACCCO will request certified copies of documents. Documents may include information about your previous studies, your identity, change of name or capacity to work with children eg Blue card. Almost all students will need to obtain certified copies of documents as a part of their enrolment and studies.

A certified document is when a photocopy is taken of an original document, and an authorised person has validated and signed that photocopy is a true and correct copy.

What is required?

1. The certified document must be provided in paper form with the original signature and stamp. Emailed, faxed or photocopied versions of the certified copy are not acceptable
2. The words 'This is a true and correct copy of the original document' or 'certified true copy' must be included.
3. The signature, date, qualification and registration details of the person signing the copy.
4. All pages must be certified.

Who is authorised person to certify a document?

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner for Declarations
  • Commissioner for Affidavits
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Magistrate
  • WA only: Persons listed here
Information on how to find an authorised person above, please to to:

Where students live in an area where a person above is not accessible (eg a regional or remote area), the authorised person can be:
- Solicitor / lawyer / barrister (contact details must be provided on the certified copy)
- Police officer ranked Sergeant or above, or in charge of a station (contact details must be included on the certified copy)
- Bank manager with 5 or more continuous years service (contact details must be included on the certified copy)
- A staff member authorised to witness documents as a part of their Australia Post. See  Please note there is a charge for this service.

Please note: All authorised persons must NOT be related to the student, including by marriage, registered relationship or defacto relationship, and must not live at the same address of the student.

How do I get a document certified?

1. Take a photocopy of all the documents you want to have certified. Make sure the photocopy is clear and easy to read.
2. Take the photocopy AND the original to your authorised person.
3. The authorised person will check the photocopy is a copy of the original.
4. The authorised person will certify the document.

How should I submit a certified document to ACCCO?
All certified documents must be mailed to ACCCO or given to an ACCCO trainer who will forward it to head office.

When there is a delay in obtaining certified copies

ACCCO acknowledges there may be a delay in being able to locate an authorised person. Therefore, students may initially send scanned or photocopied copies with their application. However, the student's acceptance into any course will be conditional on ACCCO receiving the certified copies. No Testamur's will be issued as a result of any competencies achieved during a conditional enrolment.

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