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Reflection in Action toolkit

A practical tool for critical reflection. This resource is a tool that will guide you and/or your team through critical reflection.

Reflection in Action is ideal for teams preparing for Assessment and Rating, or looking to extend on their current reflection skills. It assists the user in making meaningful observations, as individuals or groups, through a simple process to create positive practice change.

Able to be used again and again, this resource can be used for the simplest of conversations, or for ongoing projects. Use it as a team, or with the children in your service!

The resource toolkit includes:

  • An introductory and instructional pamphlet
  • 5 stones that act as lenses through which you consider your reflections
  • 40 Resource Cards featuring images, questions and provocations
  • 10 Lead Cards to guide you to deeper reflection
  • A folding whiteboard to record your reflections, and use again


$150 (includes postage & handling).

How was the Reflection in Action tool created?

Originally created by The Workforce Council who formally wound up operations in 2018, all intellectual property rights to the Reflection in Action tool kit now belong to Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO).

The Workforce Council delivered professional development and support to health and community services between 1992 - 2018, with a strong focus on building networks and empowering the workforce in sustainable ways. One mode of building these networks and providing rich professional development is through Action Research projects.

One of their Action Research projects explored what Sustainability might mean for twelve ECEC and SAC services in North West Queensland. This toolkit is inspired by, and draws from, the stories and key learnings that came out of this project.

Through their work on exploring what Sustainability might mean in the Outback, these services, educators and mentors began to appreciate the need for Connecting with other services and professionals, especially when you are remote. As educators began to network and share their journeys the value of conversations were a key characteristic and a real driver of learning and reflection. As the services shared with each other, and with us, we all began to appreciate just how important Acknowledgment is, and how rare it can be to have your work valued and listened to in remote locations with few visitors. Above all, the presence of the landscape but also its history and its first and later peoples and the challenges they continue to face reminded us all of the meaning and importance of respecting and acknowledging Country.The images and ideas used in this reflective resource are drawn from this Action Research project across those 5 theme areas.

If you are interested to find out more you can also register for one of our Reflection in Action workshops on our Professional Development calendar, or we can come to you to facilitate a session for your team.

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