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Popular Workshop Topics

Workshop topics

Book into one or more of our popular workshops below, or consult us to design a workshop specifically suited to your service!

ACCCO’s expertise is in all areas of early childhood and school age education and care. We can....

  • Revise or expand on topics covered in previous qualifications. This is great for those who haven't studied for a while, want to know current information, or just need a few more skills in areas without completing full qualifications!
  • Training topics reflected in the National Quality Standards and the new individual development plans.
  • Design something new you that want your staff to learn!! For example, to look at other ways to achieve excellence or improve quality.

most requested topics

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Curriculum Planning

What should staff be considering when planning a curriculum for children? How is the evaluation process important in the planning cycle?

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Documentation in Early Childhood Settings

Can’t get your head around documentation? Need ideas to help make learning more visible?

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Embedding Indigenous Perspectives

Are you looking for strategies to enhance relationships and connect with local community?


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Planning for Babies & Toddlers

How is the environment set to engage children? What communication systems are in place for the staff and families?

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Reflection in the Planning Cycle

What to document and when, how will you know when you have arrived at the strategy that works best for your service, children, educators and community.

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Music and Movement

What should I look to include in my next development planning cycle? What to document and when, how will you know when you have arrived at the strategy that works best for your service, children, educators and community.

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Child Protection

All children have the right to experience high quality education and care, in a learning environment that provides for their protection through appropriate supervision, safe experiences and environments, and emergency preparedness.

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Nature Play and the Value of the Outdoors

What are the influences on children who experience play in environments that are built upon natural materials, open ended opportunities, wide open spaces and involve exposure to risk in play.

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Physical Environment in Early Childhood & OSHC

Explore the physical environment that plays a critical role in contributing to children’s ‘wellbeing, happiness, creativity and developing independence and determining the quality of children’s learning and experiences.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Educators will become familiar with employer and employee responsibilities in establishing and maintaining safe work environments and how and what practices should be implemented to identify hazards and control risk.

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Guiding and Supporting Children’s Behaviour

Engaging in reflective practice around challenging behaviours can improve educators’ competence and confidence.

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Effective Communication & Building Professional Relationships

A focus is drawn on both workforce and individuals’ strategies that connect to staffing and leadership and management areas of the National Quality Standards.

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Effective Supervision

This workshop explores the definition of supervision, its relationship within the National Quality Standards, and what makes supervision effective.

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Positive and Respectful Relationships with Children

Strategies for developing relationships are based upon use of language, understanding of inclusive behaviours, and using appropriate communication for the ages and development of the child.

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Effective Leadership and Management

It is important to promote the ongoing cycle of reflective practice, engagement with key stakeholders and continuous quality improvement.

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Team Building, Stress and Time Management

Explore the functions, roles and responsibilities of a team and team orientated concepts and presents to staff triggers for their stresses in education and how to manage these effectively.

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Responding to and Handling complaints

While all services have guidelines to deal with complaints, how should principals respond to the 'grey areas'?

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Explore the meaning of sustainability and the importance of allowing children to be involved in everyday practices that reflect this.

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Numeracy, Literacy and Inquiry Based Learning

Do you need more ideas for supporting learning in language and literacy and thinking skills?

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Safe Environments - Through their eyes

(South Australian Educators Only)

Organisations should consider requiring their staff and volunteers that work with children and young people attend a Safe environments training course.

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