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Consultancy and Advice for Education Services

Are you looking for inspiration or guidance in quality practice to support meeting the national quality framework?

We understand that the education industry is ever changing and competitive, and we need to continuously upgrade service standards, staff skills and knowledge! Apart from offering superior training services, we also provide consultancy and advisory services for early childhood education and care services, outside school hours care services and all services in scope of the National Quality Framework (NQF) throughout Australia. 

You may have had recent changes to your service or staff are needing some inspiration, guidance and motivation.

Our leading industry training consultants can work directly with you to reflect on current work practices, policies, procedures and curriculums to provide your service with, practical professional advice and guidance, tailored to your needs and preferences. Our focus is to provide your service with practical and professional advice as to improvements that could be made at your service to meet current industry practice and National Quality Framework guidelines.

What we assess at your service

Our consultants will conduct a professional assessment of your service as per the seven Quality Areas.

Quality Area 1 Educational Program and Practice:  

Documentation, programs, planned experiences, information from families, information on display, planning cycle, analysing children’s learning, critical reflection and reflective practice.

Quality Area 2 Children’s Health and Safety:  
Children’s’ routines, supporting breastfeeding mothers, individual needs of the child, food handling and storage, information on display, accessing recognized authorities, nappy and toileting procedures, meals and nutrition, safety and supervision, emergency procedures and child protection.

Quality Area 3 Physical Environment:
Safety check of the physical environment, risk assessments, sustainability policy, sustainability plan, natural resources.

Quality Area 4 Staffing Arrangements:
Staff rosters, non-contact time, recruitment plans, staff handbook.

Quality Area 5 Relationships with children:
Engaging children in positive peer interactions, support for children with additional needs, communicating with families, policies and procedures on behaviour guidance strategies.

Quality Area 6 Collaborative Partnerships with Families:
Orientation for families, feedback from families, involving families in experiences, accessing community services, communicating with families, transition statements, inclusion support plans, community engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, connections with schools, health and support services.

Quality Area 7 Governance and Leadership:
Service philosophy, policies as per legislation, induction process for staff, performance review procedures, Educational Leader role and professional development for staff.

After the assessment

After the assessment of your service, our skilled consultants will provide feedback and make suggestions on possible areas for improvement and any professional development opportunities that may be able to assist your staff in their ongoing learning and practice. Our In-service professional development workshops cover a number of topics, or we could design a workshop to meet the needs of your service.


$75 (2 hours with our consultant)

Bookings and further information

Give us a call on 1300 139 406 to discuss your individual learning needs.

If you have an interest in particular training for your service, please call or email us at and our Professional Development Coordinator will discuss how we can best support your needs. 

Want to find out more?   

Contact us to talk about how we can best support the needs of your service.

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