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ACCCO Indigenous Workforce Consultant

ACCCO indigenous workforce consultant

Are you looking for strategies to enhance relationships and connect with local community?

We would like to introduce our Indigenous Workforce Consultant, Robert Ah Wing.

Robert has come on board with ACCCO to drive strategies to support the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Early Childhood and Education Services, including delivery of professional development and facilitation. As part of this role, he will be providing consultation and training to both ACCCO and external clients.

Robert Ah Wing has a remarkable and extensive background in implementing Indigenous training education and employment, as well as in-depth knowledge of developing and reviewing resources to compliment teaching of Aboriginal history and culture.

Part of his work has also been involved with mentoring and delivering professional development and supervision to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and community in Indigenous education, employment and training program and services. Cultural inclusion and safety within Australia are on a very long journey. There is much work to be done with organisations who are seeking to begin those conversations. Robert views his current role as an Indigenous Workforce Consultant as a pathway to support a cultural shift towards a truly reconciled and progressive community.

How Robert can help your service

Robert can tailor his services to support your needs and can assist your service with the following:

  • Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Acknowledgment to Country
  • Strategies to connect with local community
  • Professional Development
  • Embedding Indigenous Perspectives
  • Cultural safety
  • Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi
  • Indigenous resources, flags etc.


Book a two-hour consultancy with Robert at your service for a flat rate of $100.

Robert's services can also be delivered via video conference (Skype) or conversations over the phone for centres located outside of south-east Queensland.  

Professional Development workshop

Robert also facilitates a 5-hour Professional Development workshop 'Embedding Indigenous Perspectives'

Study support for students

Robert offers study support for Brisbane based students. The study support day will focus on a particular unit which students have identified as challenging. Focusing on unit CHCDIV002 -  identify Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety issues in the workplace, model cultural safety in own work practice, and develop strategies to enhance cultural safety. 

Bookings and further information

We encourage all students to reach out to Robert for any support you require. His email address is and he can be contacted at Head Office 1300 139 406 on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.

book your consultancy with Robert   

Fill out our enquiry form or give us a call on 1300 139 406 to speak with Robert or book your session!

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