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VET Student Outcomes

VET Student Outcomes

About the National Student Outcomes Survey

The recently released National Centre for Vocational Education (NCVER) Student Outcomes Survey statistics show that ACCCO students have higher employment outcomes than all other training providers across Australia! ACCCO graduates sit at 84.9% employment rate which is considerably higher than the 77.7% from all other Australian VET providers.

Of those students employed after training, 94.4% of students that studies with ACCCO found the training provided was relevant to their current job. Statistics show that from students enrolled with other training providers, only 79% of the students found the training relevant to their employment.

The Student Outcomes Survey collects information on VET students’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, satisfaction with training, and further study outcomes. This report provides a summary of the outcomes of graduates who completed their vocational education and training (VET) during 2016, with the data collected in mid-2017. The outcomes of all graduates are reported; that is, those in receipt of Commonwealth or state funding and those who paid for their training.

For subject completers (students who successfully complete part of a course and then leave the VET system), the main reason for not continuing with the training is also collected.

Students included in the survey are those who completed their training in the previous calendar year.

Since 1999, the survey has collected information on the outcomes of government-funded VET students. In 2016, the scope of the survey was expanded to report on the outcomes of all graduates - including fee-for-service students (those who paid for the training or whose employer paid for the training) from private training and community education providers. The expanded scope was applied to the 2017 survey for graduates and, for the first time, subject completers.

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