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NEW Education Support qualifications

NEW - Education Support qualifications

ACCCO is pleased to offer the suite of Education Support qualifications! 

What qualifications are available?
* Certificate III in Education Support
* Certificate IV in Education Support
* Diploma of Education Support

Where can I work with these qualifications?
The Education Support qualifications were originally designed for teacher aides or education support workers in schools. These qualfications provide a great range of skills to work in the school environment. More recently, these qualifications were recognised by ACECQA and graduates can use the Certificate III and Diploma to work in long day care, family day care and OSHC too! 

What makes these qualifications a worthwhile consideration?
1. If you are unsure where you would like to work, or think you will chnage your mind in the future then you should consider these qualfications! Having a broader range of employment outcomes means you may commence working in one area to find yourself working in another - and not needing to upgrade your qualification.

I work in childcare, but I've heard it's easier to get a Diploma of Educatoin Support. Is that true?
ACECQA currently recognises the Diploma of Education Support as a Diploma qualified worker. This course has different entry requirements, meaning if you have validated significant experience in a direct learning support role under limited guidance in children's services (eg you have proved you can work independently planning and running a group in a children's service enrivonment), then you can start the Diploma straight away without upgrading your certificate III first. This is a very attractive option for those with older Certificate courses which would normally require an upgrade before entering the Diploma.  Furthermore, the Diploma of Education support has less units to complete overall!!

ACCCO tailors the Diploma of Education support to meet the specific learning needs of a Lead Educator in Children's Services.

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