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Jessee Hewitt - Teacher Bridging Program, Brisbane QLD

Jesse Hewitt

My name is Jesse, I am an Early Childhood Teacher (with a primary background) who just finished studying my teacher bridging diploma through ACCCO. Throughout my studies, Jessica Gibson was my trainer/assessor. 

I wanted to take some time to offer you some feedback from my experience working with ACCCO's trainer assessor. 

Throughout last year and the beginning of this year Jess has been very supportive. She responded promptly to all of my questions (even though I understand she is quite busy). She was professional, highly informative, flexible, and caring. As I’m sure you know she has a very kind and approachable demeanour, which makes working with her an absolute pleasure. I cannot commend her enough on the way she helped me through my studies, as I’m sure she does for all of her students. 

I cannot emphasise enough what an asset to ACCCO Jess is, and I want to thank her and the company for making my studies so straight forward. 

- Jessee Hewitt, Teacher Bridging Program, Brisbane QLD

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