Didn't get into Uni? Want another option?

Many universities across Australia offer credit (sometimes known as Advanced Standing) into their teaching degrees. What that effectively means is a Diploma of Children's Services will reduce the time you spend doing a Teaching degree by up to 2 years*

Many people who aren't offered a place in a Teaching degree will enrol in a Diploma of Children's Services. They can then use the Diploma to apply to a University and obtain entry as a mature student and the time spent doing the Diploma is not lost!

Even people offered a place in a Teaching degree will defer their enrolment for a year and do a Diploma of Children's Services instead. Many graduates say this is a better pathway to a career in Teaching. Effectively, a student gets lots of practical and theoretical knowledge completing these qualifications, and can work in children's services while they can then go on to complete a Teaching degree at a later stage.

ACCCO is currently accepting students into their courses. Students can complete a Diploma in Children's Services in 43 weeks (or even 23 weeks if you already hold a Certificate III in Children's Services). This will allow the student to apply for intake into university in 2010 and only complete 2-3 years of the 4 year Teaching degree.

For more information, please email ACCCO or phone 1300 139 406

* Each university offers different credit arrangements and prospective students should check with the University to see what credit they offer.