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International Recognition

International recognition

The information on this page is designed to be used by Overseas Authorities assessing ACCCO qualifications in their own country for relevance.

Compliance information for Australian qualifications:

What Qualifications, Testamurs, Certificates and Results are issued? How do I know they aren't forged?

When a student completes study with ACCCO, they are awarded records outlining their results. This will either be...

  • A Qualification (Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma), with a Record of Results on the reverse when the entire study program is complete.
  • A Statement of Attainment, where the entire qualification is incomplete.

For additional information on what these records mean, go to: 

Please note: Where a student holds a record as outlined at the above link, Overseas Authorities do not request ACCCO to provide additional certificates or letters to say the qualification or study is complete. An ACCCO Qualification or Statement of Attainment already provides guarantee of study completion. However, as added measure to prevent forgery, overseas authorities can check the validity of qualifications here.

How the programs were developed?

All qualifications have been designed by the Australian Government through Training Packages. Information about this process is found here. ACCCO has not developed the qualifications, rather we have permission to deliver the qualifications as provided to us by the Training Package.

The Training Package used for ACCCO qualifications is the CHC Community Services Training Package.

Please note: If Overseas Authorities request information about how the study program or qualification was developed, we would provide information at this link. To prevent delays for the student, overseas authorities may consult that information or the ACCCO student may print this information and submit it to the Overseas Authority as proof of program development.

What is included in the qualifications?

As noted ACCCO follows all the CHC Community Services Training Package requirements for all learning and assessment. ACCCO has no authority to vary from the Training Package requirements and follows this carefully. For ease of reference, specific parts of the training package that relate to the student's qualification can be found here:

To identify exactly what knowledge and skills have been completed by the student, Overseas Authorities should consult the list of units outlined on the student's Record of Results (reverse of qualification) or Statement of Attainment. Using that list, use the Australian Skills Qualification Authority's search page to download a list of what was completed successfully.

Please note: If Overseas Authorities request a list of what was included in the qualification, or what is included in the units of competency, ACCCO would be simply providing the information from the Training Package from the search function. To prevent time delays for students, Overseas Authorities can use this information and/or our students have permission to print the documents at the links above and submit these to their overseas authority.  

What practical assessment is included?

All students are assessed in an Australian Approved Education Service for the "Performance Evidence" as outlined on each Unit of Competency. Overseas Authorities should consult the Peformance Evidence list on every Unit of Competency to identify the skills the student holds in practice.

Some units of competency have a timeframe for completion. For example, the Performance Evidence in CHCECE007 includes 120 hours of practical placement. Where no timeframe is listed on the Unit of Competency, the student remains in practical placement until they have completed the tasks to the level stated in Performance Evidence. For ease of reference, Units of Competency that have hourly requirements are: 

* CHCECE003, CHCECE005, CHCECE007, CHCECE010, CHCECE019 - all have 120 hours
* CHCECE017 and CHCECE024 all have 240 hours

Please note:
If an Overseas Authority requests information about practical assessment, ACCCO would be providing the information at the above links
. Overseas Authorities can be guaranteed students have done the hours listed on points above. To prevent time delays for students, Overseas Authorities can use the above and/or our students have permission to print the documents at the links above and submit these to their Overseas Authority.  

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