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International Orientation Program for International Admissions | ACCCO


What happens at Orientation?

ACCCO has a comprehensive International Orientation program to help you get familiar with our campus and settled into your new life living in Australia. At your course Orientation you will receive information about the campus location, student ID card, facilities and student support along with an introduction pack including procedures and relevant documents needed for their time with ACCCO.

All students must attend the mandatory orientation on the first day. On Orientation day, students are asked come to reception (day and time may be varied by arrangement as required by student arrival). This orientation is usually for a half day and the students commence classes on the next day that their course operates. During the Orientation, the following information will be shared with all students: 

  • Orientation information and a copy of the International Student handbook provided to all new students
  • Introduction to staff and explanation regarding roles, services and how to contact
  • Emergency numbers provided to students
  • All policies and procedures contained in the international student handbook are explained
  • Explanations of support services available
  • Information regarding emergency and health services
  • Information regarding legal services
  • The college facilities and resources are introduced
  • Floor plan orientation (toilets, fire exits, kitchen etc.)
  • Overview of the Evacuation procedure
  • Local Application Forms are completed (E.g. Blue Card: Working with Children Check)
  • Student ID card issued for all new students
  • General information about the local area, services, attractions and Australia passed on to the new students

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