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International Student Forms for International Admissions | ACCCO

International student Forms and policies

Find quick links to our policies and procedures, as well as useful forms for international students below.

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Student Forms

International Enrolment Form
To apply to become a student with ACCCO, you will need to complete an enrolment application and provide the required evidence to support your application.

Change of Personal Details Form
This form is required to be completed when your personal details change, for example: your address here in Australia or your home country; or change of emergency contact. When completing this document you are only required to add the changed information, such as your address or emergency contact details.

Leave of absence Form
This form is to request a leave of absence from studies from the qualification which you are currently enrolled. A leave of absence is a temporary leave from your studies where a maximum of 2 weeks may be granted unless otherwise negotiated with ACCCO.

Request for deferment of studies
This form is to request a deferral from studies from the qualification which you are currently enrolled. A deferral is a temporary suspension/postponement of your enrolment.ACCCO advises that a deferment of study may affect your student visa. Before proceeding with your request for a deferment of study, ACCCO strongly advises you to seek advice from your nearest Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Office or refer to for further information.

Extension Request form
When first enrolled in your course, a Confirmation of Enrolment was issued, listing your commencement date and nominated end date. An end date is the nominated date your ACCCO enrolment time is finished. If the end of your enrolment date is approaching, or your end date has already past and you wish to continue with your studies, you will need to apply for an extension to maintain your enrolment with ACCCO. Failure to provide an extension will result in an automatic cancelling of your enrolment which will result in you being withdrawn from your course. 

All completed forms and relevant supporting evidence can be submitted to ACCCO:

Via post: PO Box 1108, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD AUSTRALIA 4006; or
In person: 161 Brunswick Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006; or
Via email:

Policies and Procedures

ACCCO is committed to ensuring transparent and accurate information is made available to prospective and current learners, detailing our services and training delivery. Through publication of our policies and procedures, we aim to provide our prospective and current learners with sufficient information to support informed decision making.  

Complaints and Appeals

ACCCO believes that complaints and appeals handling is a fundamental component contributing to the provision of a quality service. ACCCO is committed to providing access to a fair and impartial complaint resolution process. This policy outlines how ACCCO will respond to student complaints and academic appeals for domestic and international students.

Enrolment and Refund Policy

Students should refer to the Terms and conditions of the Refund Policy for information about refunds.

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