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NSW Enrolment Process

NSW Enrolment Process

The below process applies to students applying to enrol in a funded course in NSW, other than a traineeship or apprenticeship.

Make an Informed Decision

ACCCO endeavours to provide sufficient information in a conspicuous manner to ensure students make informed decisions about their studies. Below are some important pieces of information students should consider before enrolling, and more information can be found in ACCCO's Student Handbook.


Students should access information about the fees that apply to a course before making the decision to submit an application to enrol. All course fees can be found on ACCCO website:

RPL/Credit Transfer

Students can apply for RPL or Credit Transfer towards their chosen qualification. Students considering RPL or credit transfer should ensure they select this when completing their enrolment application. More information about RPL and credit transfer can be found on ACCCO's website:

Consumer protection

Students should be aware of consumer protection information.
ACCCO's consumer protection policy
NSW Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Strategy
Contact details for the Customer Support Center can be found here


A deferral is a temporary suspension/postponement of your enrolment. Before seeking a deferral for your studies (temporarily suspend your enrolment), ACCCO strongly advises you to seek advice from your employer on whether deferring you study will affect your eligibility for employment, or the current role (position) you may hold within an education and care profession.

An application form can be found here:


The Student Request to Cancel form can be used by students to formally request their enrolment in a course be cancelled. Students should complete this form and submit to their nominated trainer.

A request form can be found here:


Students may require access to support or assistance during their training. Student can contact their assigned trainer/assessor for support or assistance.

Students can also contact our office for study support:

PH: 1300 139 406

Complete an Application

Once a student has read and understood all the necessary information to make an informed decision and has decided to enrol in a course with ACCCO the following information should be noted when completing an application.

Applications can be completed and submitted in hardcopy or using ACCCO's online enrolment.

You can access a hardcopy of the application here.
You can access the online enrolment here.

LLN Assessment and Suitability & Support Assessment

As part of the enrolment process students will be asked to complete an Language, Literacy, Numeracy assessment, as well as a Suitability and Support assessment. This helps ACCCO determine the best course for you and the appropriate level of support you require to be successful.


All students enrolling into a course must have a Unique Student Identifier. Details on what a USI is and how to obtain one can be found here:

Eligibility Evidence

To enrol in a funded course you need to be eligible for the funding on offer. Details of the eligibility requirements for funded courses in NSW can be found here:
The above link provides examples of the evidence that will need to be submitted to demonstrate your eligibility for funding.


When completing an enrolment application students are required to read and accept NCVER privacy policy contained in the application, as well as acknowledge consent of the Notification Of Enrolment process.

Submit application

Online applications are submitted at the end of the online process.

Hardcopy application should be submitted as per the instructions on the application.

Application Processed

When an enrolment application is received, ACCCO's enrolment team will determine if the enrolment is successful. This includes ensuring the chosen course is suitable for the expected outcomes of the student, that the student has the skills to be successful in the course, and that the student is eligible for the funding they have applied for.

Letter of offer

Once an application is approved, ACCCO will make an offer to a student to enrol in an available place in their chosen course.
The letter of offer will contain all the details of the course enrolment, including terms and conditions and expected fees and charges.
Students will need to accept, sign and return the offer.
Students should note that enrolment in a course is not confirmed until the offer is returned accepted and signed, and a funding place is made available by the NSW Department of Education, the Notification of Enrolment process is complete and the student has received their COE document.

Confirmation of Enrolment

A student is confirmed to be enrolled when they receive their confirmation of enrolment (COE) document

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