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Early Childhood Training

Early Childhood Training

Why early childhood training?
Children are our future and for most parents, they are after the best child care they can find. Early childhood training allows staff to have better skills and better knowledge, thus providing a higher level of service.

Ongoing training allows staff working with children to keep up to date with current industry practice and research.  

What are options in Early Childhood Training?
Early childhood training can include the following:
* Completing a qualification in early childhood including a Certificate III, Diploma
* Workshops to support staff employed in early childhood

Why choose ACCCO for Early Childhood Training?
Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO) is a successful and well-established, industry recognised, registered training organisation. ACCCO was deemed successful in an audit conducted by the Vocational Education and Training Regulator, the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA), which means ACCCO has successfully implemented a Quality System.

ACCCO's principal aim is the provision of quality education, with particular emphasis on meeting the practical requirements of the Industry into which you are entering and/or are currently employed. At ACCCO, we pride ourselves on our dedication and personalised attention towards our students, ensuring regular contact and supervision.

Employment Opportunities after Early Childhood Training
Different qualifications lead to different job levels. For more information

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