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School Based Programs

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS)

ACCCO has been successfully partnering and delivering VET with schools since 2001.

What is VET in Schools (VETiS)?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a learning pathway which enables Year 11 and 12 high school students to gain nationally recognised qualification while at school. VET provides students with the opportunity to engage in education and training as part of their Senior Secondary Certificate which may lead to employment and/or further study.

Advantages of a VET in Schools Program

ACCCO's Vocational programs provide students with practical and real-world experiences to work within the Early Education and Care Sector and provides students with the opportunity to gain:

  • practical hands-on training
  • valuable skills for greater employability
  • credits towards your Senior Certificate of Education
  • real industry skills and qualifications while completing high school
  • a competitive edge in the employment marketplace
  • credit towards further study

School benefits include:

  • Integrate VET qualifications into the existing curriculum
  • Expand opportunities and pathways for students by offering new study lines
  • Improve educational outcomes for students and your school
  • Assist students to prepare for their chosen career and life outside of school
  • Cater for different learning styles
  • Increase student engagement and completion of senior certificate

What can I study with ACCCO?

CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Through the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, you will be introduced to working in the field of early childhood. It is the minimum qualification to gain employment in ACECQA approved early childhood services and often the qualification studied for those wanting to begin their career in early childhood education.


To participate in the VET program students must:

  • have a sound achievement result in Year 10 Maths and English subjects or equivalent prior to enrolling in the program
  • complete a language and literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Indicator
  • be in year 11 or 12
  • identify the VET program as part of their school curriculum
  • remain enrolled in and attend school throughout the duration of the program

How does it work?

Students can undertake VET as part of their school studies, delivered by a qualified school teacher / Trainer Assessor in partnership with ACCCO. During the qualification, students learn the theory component in class with a qualified teacher, as well as attend an ACECQA approved service to receive practical training and experience. Vocational placement hours (minimun 120 hours in the 0-2 age group) are in addition to theory class attendance. 

Cost to the participant

ACCCO provides all the training resources for this program and a partnership agreement is formed between ACCCO and the school. ACCCO will charge the student for the enrolment application and training product as per the nominated fee schedules as outlined below; 

Qualification Name
Course Code
Number of Units
Total Cost
Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

* Please note:

How to apply

All school based VET programs involve a partnership between the School and ACCCO. Talk to your guidance officer, career counsellor, vocational education coordinator or head of senior schooling about forming a partnership with ACCCO and the programs available to you at your school.


With over 22 years’ experience, ACCCO has established strong relationships with schools and maintains close links to industry enabling us to deliver in-demand skills and up-to-date and relevant training. ACCCO is consistently receiving positive feedback from School VET Teachers. The recurrent feedback from teachers were enjoying includes not having to develop all the learning and assessment materials and being able to access current resources including sustainability, National Quality Framework, Early Years Learning Framework and Work Health and Safety.

The most positive feedback is out in the field with Early Childhood Services noticing an improvement in the quality of training by the Schools who have moved over to ACCCO. For the 2018 school year, ACCCO has been approached by a number of High Schools and by Early Education Services wanting us to deliver or partner with schools to provide training for Early Childhood Education and Care because of our high quality of training and support.

School Requirements

To deliver this program the teacher is required to have the following;

  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE)
  • Hold a minimum qualification of Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or equivalent
  • Current industry experience

Why choose ACCCO for education and training?

  • Well-established industry recommended training college specialising in Early Education and Care
  • ACCCO is on the approved list of providers for each state and territory
  • All training materials and resources are provided by ACCCO 
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Nationally recognised qualifications 
  • A dedicated ACCCO Trainer Assessor for mentoring and support
  • All reporting to the Government is done by ACCCO
  • In-service training day for the school VET teacher
  • Onsite support visits from ACCCO

Contact us
If you would like to discuss a partnership with ACCCO or your individual learning needs, please contact our National Vet Coordinator or phone ACCCO on 1300 139 406. 

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