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CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

Centrelink/DHS Approved: Yes
NQF Approved Qualification: No 
Recognised Australia wide: Yes

Qualification Description

ACCCO's  CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management has been solely designed for those who are currently employed as, or eligible to work as a Nominated Supervisor, Director, Coordinator, Manager or similar of an ACECQA approved service.

While ACECQA doesn't specifically require this qualification to work in these roles, many school age care service managers find they lack higher level skills and knowledge in areas such as leadership and mentoring, change management, service coordination, innovation, legislation and compliance, business operation skills, risk assessment and finance. This qualification has been designed specifically to support these skills and knowledge areas as needed by ACECQA approved services.

Through the Advanced Diploma qualification, students will learn to hold responsibility of operating the entire school age care service. There are 13 units of study in this qualification covering topics such as:

  • Developing, implementing and evaluating quality frameworks and business plans
  • Managing legal and ethical compliance
  • Leading, coaching and mentoring a staff team
  • More complex responsibilities, such as complaints, risks, change and finance

Please note: This ACCCO qualification is NOT designed for any industry apart from ACECQA approved children's services. 

Entry Requirements

  • A good ability to read, write and speak English
  • A sound ability to apply numeracy
  • A sound understanding of legislation, practices and standards applicable to the overall operation of an ACECQA approved children's service. As an indicator, this level of understanding is what would typically be held by those holding a Diploma level qualification specialising in school age education and care, or formerly children's services. This level of understanding may also be achieved from having extensive experience working in ACECQA approved service/s.
  • Approval to work in a management role within an ACECQA approved service for assessment. Educator only roles are not sufficient (see Assessment Methods right for more information).


The guideline for duration is 6 months – 2 years however, training is self-paced, and duration depends on the individual learner, their employment situation and enrolment type. Credit transfer and RPL options may also reduce the overall time taken to complete the course.

Study Options

ACCCO offers a variety of delivery options that allows students to complete the qualification in a mode/s that suit individual learning requirements:

    Units in this Qualification

    This qualification is made up of 13 units of competency (8 core, 5 elective) which reflect the needs of industry.

    Core units

    CHCLEG003  Manage legal and ethical compliance
    CHCDIV003   Manage and promote diversity
    BSBRSK501  Manage risk
    BSBFIM601   Manage finance
    CHCMGT001 Develop, implement and review quality framework
    BSBMGT608  Manage innovation and continuous improvement
    BSBINN601    Lead and manage organisational change
    CHCMGT003  Lead the work team

    Elective units

    CHCPRP003   Reflect on and improve own professional practice
    CHCPOL002   Develop and implement policy
    CHCECE029   Respond to problems and complaints about the service
    CHCECE027   Promote equity and access to the service
    CHCPRP004   Promote and represent the service

    To learn more about what is included in the units above, click here and type in the unit code.

    Employment Opportunities

    The ACCCO Advanced Diploma qualification supports employment in the following roles  ONLY:

    • Nominated Supervisors/ Directors/ Managers/ Coordinators in ACECQA approved services*
    • Family day care coordination unit manager/coordinator (ACECQA approved)*

    Please note: Completion of this qualification does NOT guarantee eligibility to work in ACECQA approved services. Students must check other ACECQA eligibility requirements to ensure they can obtain work in this job role after graduating.

        Vocational Placement

        All students need to be employed or have approval to work in a management role within an ACECQA approved service for assessment. Educator only roles are not sufficient.

        Examples of acceptable work roles (including acting, volunteer or assistant roles at this level) include Nominated Supervisor, Director, Coordinator or Manager. If not already employed in these roles, students are to obtain approval to work in these roles prior enrolling due to the limited availability of placement opportunities at this level. For this qualification you are not required to complete any minimum number of hours.

        Help and Support

        All students in this qualification are allocated an ACCCO Trainer Assessor who will guide them through the qualification. Trainer Assessors are all qualified in early childhood education and have at least 5 years' experience completing the job you are wanting to hold. Trainer Assessors provide regular phone, email and face to face support in the workplace so you always have help when you need it!


        This qualification attracts funding assistance for eligible persons!!!  Funding varies between State / Territories so please check your eligibility requirements for what is available to you in your area.  

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        How to Apply

        1. Choose Your Course

        Once you have made the decision to apply for a qualification you will need to complete an enrolment form and a Literacy, Language and Numeracy indicator (LLN).

        Check you meet:

        • Minimum Age Requirement
        • English Language & Academic Requirements
        • Appropriate Visa Requirements

        2. Prepare Your Application

        Complete the online enrolment form, and upload details of:

        • Colour copy of Passport or Driver’s Licence. (Proof of ID+ residency)                                                                        - If passport provided please provide a copy of a bank statement or utility bill issued within the last 6 months showing your current residential address.
        • Colour copy of either: current green Medicare card; Birth Certificate; current Australian passport; current New Zealand passport; or Australian citizenship certificate. (Proof of citizenship)
        • Colour copy of Certificates and Statement Results for any previously attained or partially completed qualifications completed in or recognised in Australia.

        3. Process of Your Application

        Your enrolment will be assessed on the information you have provided. Upon receiving all paperwork and supporting evidence a formal assessment of your eligibility for government funding and suitability for the qualification is conducted. You will be notified by an enrolments officer on the status of this application once your eligibility has been assessed.

        *Please note that we are unable to finalise your enrolment until all required information and supporting evidence has been provided.

        4. Letter of Offer

        ACCCO assesses the enrolment application. When deemed a successful enrolment application, the student will be issued a Letter of Offer to study with ACCCO. Student reads and accepts the conditions outlined in the Letter of Offer. Student fees are finalised – payment established.

        5. Confirm Your Enrolment

        If your enrolment application is accepted, you will receive a welcome email with a Confirmation of Enrolment attached, confirming acceptance into the qualification. It is important to check your junk or spam folder as this email can end up here sometimes. If not received, please contact our enrolments team on 1300 139 406 during business hours. Your Trainer Assessor will contact you to undertake an induction and commence the learning program.

        Before you submit your application it is important that you provide all the above required documents. Without these we are unable to process your application.

        Any Questions?

        For assistance with your enrolment, our Enrolments Team are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. Contact us now and we'll get you started...


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