Professional DevelopmenT

ACCCO has been a part of the education and care sector for over 20 years. Apart from offering superior training services, we also offer the opportunity to utilise our highly trained and skilled staff to present professional development opportunities to assist your staff in their ongoing learning and practice. We understand that the education industry is ever changing and competitive, and we need to continuously upgrade service standards, staff skills and knowledge!

Professional development options

ACCCO provides the following services:

  • Professional development workshops and inservice training. These can be in your service, at our head office or at a place convenient to you! We are also flexible in delivery times so can deliver training after hours or on weekends at a time convenient to you.
  • Guest speakers for events, such as family information evenings, conferences or other special events.
  • Consultancy services, such as site inspections, advice on potential new service provision, or policy review

Topics available

ACCCO’s expertise is in all areas of early childhood and school age education and care. We can...

  • Revise or expand on topics covered in qualifications. This is great for those who haven't studied for a while, want to know current information, or just need a few more skills in areas without completing full qualifications!
  • Cover the training topics reflected in the National Quality Standards. This includes child protection, manual handling, behavior, child development, curriculum planning and much more
  • Design something new you that want your staff to learn!! For example, to look at other ways to acheive excellence or improve quality.

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2 to 5 hours of training
All learning materials
A qualified and experienced ACCCO Trainer to guide learning
A Statement of Attendance for all participants
Light refreshments (for training in ACCCO head office)


2 hour workshop - $70 per person (or $650 for 9 people or less)
5 hour workshop - $89 per person (or $800 for 9 people or less)

*We require a minimum invoice deposit to be made on booking per workshop. Balance required within 7 days of date of invoice. Prices do not include airfare and accommodation unless ACCCO has a local consultant located within your area. All prices are GST inclusive.

Bookings and further information

or phone: free call 1300 139 406 or (07) 3257 1972

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Popular topics

Select from one of the topics below, or consult us to design a topic all of your own!


Computer based documentation, Learning Stories, Transition Statements (QA1)

Can’t get your head around documentation? Need ideas to help make learning more visible? This workshop will explore the documentation cycle, look at thinking outside of the box when it comes to documentation and how to share documentation with children and families.

Numeracy, Literacy and Inquiry Based Learning

Embedding numeracy and literacy in everyday play. (QA1)

Do you need more ideas for supporting learning in language and literacy and thinking skills? Discover how numeracy and literacy is embedded in everyday play and life activities, and how you can enhance this. The workshop will also look at strategies to use and possible resources for learning.

Physical Environments

Examining the physical, creative and aesthetic environment for children, and recognising “the third Teacher” (QA1,3 LOC2,4)

This workshop explores the physical environment that plays a critical role in contributing to children’s ‘wellbeing, happiness, creativity and developing independence and determining the quality of children’s learning and experiences.

Stress and Time Management

Staffing arrangements (QA4)

This workshop presents to staff triggers for their stresses in education and how to manage these effectively. Included are ideas for effective time management and its importance for creating a calm environment  for children and families.

Planning for
Babies & Toddlers

 Heuristic Play/ Treasure Baskets, supporting early resilience. (QA1)

This workshop focuses on staff techniques when working with babies and toddlers. How is the environment set to engage children? What communication systems are in place for the staff and families?

Positive Behaviour

 Fostering resilience, encouraging autonomy (QA5, LOC 1,2,3,4,5)

Learn skills to assist you and your staff to support positive behaviour within different age groups. We look at why children behave like they do and strategies to support children behaving in a positive way.

Child protection

Educators’ professional, ethical and legal responsibilities. (QA2)

This workshop will engage your staff in the legislation of child protection, service policies and scenario to identify key indicators of children that may be at risk of harm. Educators’ professional, ethical and legal responsibilities, duty of care, recording, evaluating and notification.

Curriculum planning

 Educational program and practice. (QA1)

What should staff be considering when planning a curriculum for children? How is the evaluation process important in the planning cycle? There is no one way to program but participants are encouraged to reflect on strategies which meet approved learning frameworks and the National Quality  Standards

Effective leadership and                       management

Leadership and Service Management (QA7)

Effective leadership and management systems are vital to the success of any service. It is also important to promote the ongoing cycle of reflective practice, engagement with key stakeholders and continuous quality improvement. This workshops focuses on the integral role that vision and philosophy play in leadership and  service management.

 Team building

Educational program and practice. (QA1)

Team building active process by which a group of individuals with a common purpose are focused and aligned to achieve a specific task or set of outcomes. Educators, co-ordinators and staff members work collaboratively and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop their skills, to improve practice and relationships.

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