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First Aid Courses

Completing a first aid course is a requiremement of qualifications in early childhood, school age care and education support. These can be completed through various ACCCO head offices across Australia.

Qualifications available
Refer to your study plan or training plan to obtain the code of the course you MUST do*
HLTFA311A  - contact ACCCO for current timetable
HLTAID003  - contact ACCCO for current timetable
HLTAID004 - contact ACCCO for current timetable

* Please note: If you enrol in a first aid course with a code different to your study plan, then credit cannot be granted. Coiurses are specific and not transferrable.

Pre-course work:
For students who have confirmed a place in a first aid course, and need to complete pre-course work, please click here

Disclaimer: ACCCO is not a provider of First Aid courses but will provide credit for courses listed above where these exact codes appear on the study plan. Where courses are advertised on this page, they are delivered by an external RTO who specialises in First Aid training. ACCCO makes every attempt to ensure the First Aid course advertised is suitable and will meet the needs of our students, however students should exercise their own judgement before enrolling. Where a student has feedback about these First Aid courses, they will be directed to the external RTO who delivered that training. ACCCO disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitiation liability in negligency) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of completing First Aid Training.

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